Taylor Made Designs supplies bespoke uniform for entire crew onboard new British Cruise Ship

UK based Taylor Made Designs has been appointed to supply uniforms for more than 250 crew onboard Ambassador Cruise Line’s second ship, Ambition.


Ahead of its commercial passenger service which will run from its home port of London Tilbury and six regional departure ports from the spring of 2023, Ambition has been chartered by the Scottish government to provide temporary housing for Scotland’s Ukrainian resettlement project.


Ed Taylor, Managing Director, Taylor Made Designs, says: “The turnaround time from order to delivery was just two weeks. Having already supplied uniform for the crew of Ambience, Ambassador Cruise Line’s first ship last April, product lines were already agreed and sourced from a number of our UK based manufacturers and distributors. That meant we could access products quickly enabling our in-house team of skilled machinists to get to work custom-branding the necessary 860 garments within a matter of days. We delivered the order, on time and on budget direct to Ambition.”


Taylor Made Designs provided a single point of contact for all uniform requirements, kitting out everyone from front of house staff and deck crew to galley teams and engineers.


Bob McGowan, Head of Guest Experience, Ambassador, says: “This was a project that absolutely had to be delivered on time. There was no wriggle room at all. I am pleased to say, Ed and the team at Taylor Made Designs did a sterling job. When guests started to arrive, all our crew we fully kitted out in their specified, custom-branded attire, emulating the high-quality standard we deliver at all levels of our guests’ experience.”


Taylor Made Designs is already working with Ambassador on new uniform product designs for crew who will work on Ambition when she takes up the mantle next Spring as a commercial passenger service.



For more information on Taylor Made Designs visit taylormadedesigns.co.uk or contact the team on +44 (0) 1202 473311 or email:  hello@taylormadedesigns.co.uk

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