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Compressed T Shirts & Towels

At Taylor Made Designs, our sense of pride is deeply woven into the diverse range of compressed t-shirts and towels we offer, meticulously designed to enhance how your brand is perceived. Our carefully crafted collection effortlessly marries aesthetics with practicality, providing you with an array of choices that allow your business to shine with refined excellence. Explore the ideal compressed t-shirt or towel that not only aligns with your brand identity but also leaves a memorable and enduring impact.

What Are Compression T Shirts & Towels?

This is a great promotional product that makes people say WOW! Compressed T-shirts are shaped to look like an object of your choice such as a mobile phone, a guitar, a water bottle or any other shape.

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WOW Factor!

Polo shirts are arguably the most versatile garment on the market. With an element of formality from the collar and a dash of casual styling from the short sleeves, the humble polo shirt has infiltrated pretty much every corner of the modern world.

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How Do We Do It?

The t-shirt is printed in the normal way and then shrink wrapped to your required shape.  Once submerged in water, the t-shirt returns to it’s normal shape.

Prices vary on the type of t-shirt you would like to use, the print detail and the quantity you require so please contact us for more information.

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View Our Full Range

We can design and manufacture compressed t-shirts & towels in any design you are looking for. Or you can take inspiration from our catalogue.

Please take a look at our online catalogue to view our ranges. Click here to see full range

We look forward to discussing your requirements soon.

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