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Sublimation Printed Clothing

It’s all the rage these days – Sublimation Printed Clothing is a specialised process whereby an image or pattern actually becomes part of the garment itself. The end result is a really high-quality photographic finish design with extraordinarily brilliant colours. The design can also be printed over the entire item, with printing capable all the way to the seams.

I’m intrigued… tell me more about sublimation printing

The Sublimation printing process is created by specialist machines that take the pattern and use a combination of pressure and high temperatures that transfer the image and make it part of the fabric. The material starts out white and the image is added, if the image only takes up a portion of the design then the rest is sublimated with a solid colour to match or complement the rest of the garment. However, please note that minimum order quantities apply.

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So what does that actually mean…?

It means that using sublimation printing, we can offer you limitless customisation options for your clothing! The end result is a great looking, flexible product with graphics that that will not crack or peel. Better yet, it won’t be stiff or feel heavy, making it perfect for all sporting occasions!

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Sounds great! Can I create my own design with sublimation printing?

Absolutely! If you’re after that truly personalised, one-of-a-kind design, then this is the way to go. You can either supply us with your finished design, or you can give us a rough idea of the design you’re trying to achieve and we can work with you to create something quite spectacular (if that’s what you want!) Or, we can keep it simple yet incredibly effective. You will get to see virtual approvals before manufacture.

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Will the pattern wash out?

As the sublimation image is part of the garment itself, it will not crack or peel off and will last longer than printed garments. But like any other apparel item, over time and after many washes, the colour may change very slightly or fade depending on care.

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Can I add sublimation printing to any fabric?

No. The process of sublimation printing is limited to POLYESTER fabrics. The most popular items it can be added to are sports t-shirts and polo shirts, however, there is the option for jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, shorts, leggings, hats or aprons. Certain restrictions apply so do please ask for details.

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How do I get started?

One option is to select a pre-made dye sub design and then customise it to your needs. You can then change the colour of the shirt, the colour of the sublimation, have the design continue onto the sleeve(s) or back of the shirt or even remove it from the front / back / sleeves. You can change the shirt itself too; make it long sleeve, change the collar type or even add a pocket!

Talk to us about the vision for your brand and design and we can help bring it to life with a completely unique design and look, created especially for you!

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