Charting the Path to Sustainability: Taylor Made Designs’ Commitment to Ethical Innovation

At Taylor Made Designs we are absolutely committed to building a sustainable future for our business, our industry, our clients and ultimately our planet. As a passion-driven, family-owned enterprise we are agile and adaptable, able to react quickly to ever-changing market needs and conditions, constantly refreshing our products and approach to ensure the best possible outcomes for everyone.


Our own sustainability programme is a continuing work in progress. We don’t profess to have all the answers but we are working hard to consistently review and improve our practices across the board from carefully selecting our supplier partners to the processes we implement to distribute goods and recycle end-of-use products.


Our supplier network sits at the heart of our sustainability strategy. We partner with

independently certified and accredited suppliers who manufacture products to the highest social, ethical and environmental standards such as GOTS, Ecolabel and Fairtrade. Whilst we continue to work with long-standing partners including Regatta, Brook Taverner, Ecologie, Flexfit, Anthem, amongst others, we are also forging new partnerships with inspiring, emerging brands who place their sustainability and ethical credentials at the heart of their offer.

Take Native Spirit for example, with its ambition to make ‘fashion more responsible’ or Ecoligie with its commitment to creating ‘well designed, affordable and environmentally friendly clothing.’ These brands, along with others such as Neutral with its Tiger Cotton® programme, NEOBLU and Stanley Stella are united by a mission to build a more sustainable future for our planet through responsible manufacture and supply.


At TMD we fully embrace this movement and the multitude of programmes that support it.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be showcasing and celebrating some of the incredible projects being undertaken across our supplier network.


The cost of Sustainability.


Right now, there is a price tag associated with responsible manufacture and the supply of ethical wear. It costs more to provide sustainable, ethically sourced workwear because of the costs involved in the manufacture and supply processes. To help clients manage their move to a more sustainable future we provide a full support and consultancy service. Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Adjustments take time. We work with clients to develop strategies that switch out selected products for more sustainable alternatives in planned and budgeted phases, at a pace that suits both finances and ambitions. The road to a sustainable future is a marathon, not a sprint and we support those willing to make the journey, every step of the way.


We are also fully committed to the idea of a circular economy where manufacturing materials are recycled rather than dumped in landfills. We operate an ‘end of use’ garment recycling programme which sees end-of-use uniform garments collected from our HQ and (where volume warrants it) our client facilities to be shredded and recycled. On average, depending on the composition of the textiles, 70 per cent is repurposed into new yarns, insulation and composites while the remaining 30% is turned into Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).


In the period January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023, our official environmental impact report shows that a total of 2480 kg of confidential textile materials were collected from TMD and avoided landfill. These were sorted & securely shredded down, then recycled (where practical). Our efforts in this area alone have resulted in a reduction of 1034.05kg of CO2 entering our atmosphere due to a combination of avoiding landfill, the recycling process and the avoidance of new manufacture.


In a bid to reduce our carbon footprint associated with the distribution of goods overseas, we have also set up warehousing and logistical facilities in Holland and extended our production capabilities in Poland. Couple this with our recently acquired EU VAT number and we are now able to offer delivery directly to our overseas clients, without duties, and potentially without VAT depending on each client’s circumstance, providing a smooth transition through Europe. We will also continue to deliver under T1 status and hold stock for our clients where necessary.




Moving towards a more ethical and sustainable future will always be a work in progress for TMD but we are 100 per cent committed to being ‘caringly responsible’ and will continue to adjust and learn as we chart our journey, sharing our experience and knowledge with our growing professional community.


To find out more about how Taylor Made Designs could support you on your ‘road to a more sustainable and ethical future’ contact the team at for an informal chat or to find out more about us and our product ranges, visit:


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