Mytime Active appoints Taylor Made Designs as preferred uniform supplier

Following a comprehensive competitive tender process, Mytime Active has appointed Taylor Made Designs (TMD) in 2021 to supply workwear to their employees across its entire estate of diverse facilities and services.

“Mytime Active is an independent charity responsible for the management of a range of leisure, golf and wellbeing services and facilities across London, Kent, Hampshire and the Midlands” says Jason Stanton, Operations Director for Mytime Active.

“Across our estate, we have a team in excess of 800 employees operating in an array of roles including catering and hospitality, lifeguards and fitness instructors, grounds maintenance, golf professionals, swim instructors and health professionals – to name just a few. Each role has a specific uniform requirement, so we were looking for a partner who could supply a quality product to a diverse portfolio of needs and to multiple venues through an online platform. I am pleased to say, TMD has proved itself to be the right choice.”

“TMD offers an online stock management and ordering system. The platform acts like a virtual shop window displaying the various approved uniform products for each department and providing information on stock levels, lead times and costs. Our department heads can now manage the uniform requirements of their teams directly, which is hugely improving efficiencies.”

“Prior to the appointment of TMD, uniforms were provided by 11 independent suppliers, which made understanding and managing total stock levels a constant challenge. Now, with TMDs online e-commerce platform, all information is in one place and we have instant access to real time stock levels across the estate at the touch of a button.”

“Working with a leisure uniform specialist has also proved its worth. The TMD team have a great understanding of the needs of our business and instant access to the technical materials and range of garments we need to ensure our teams are kitted out with workwear most suited to the needs of their role. Where we have come up against challenges, the TMD team have always been quick to resolve them. I feel with TMD we have established a true long-term partnership.”

For more information on TMD and how the team can help you achieve your workwear and merchandise ambitions contact TMD on: +44 1202 473311.

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