Top Promotional Products – Winter

In the depths of winter and awaiting that proper cold hit – here is a list of the Top Promotional Gifts for colder times…

The choice of promotional products is completely overwhelming!  So we’ve created this list to help identify the more popular products and their uses, keeping it up to date to help with latest trends and any seasonality…

So we start with our Winter special ….  Naturally, seasonality is a huge consideration when identifying the perfect promotional gifts. Choosing relevant promotional gifts can seriously increase their value and effect – providing both short-term and long-term benefits. Fortunately, the UK winter is unavoidably long – making cold weather focused promotional gifts more valuable for longer.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of promotional gifts which are perfect for the winter months.  If you want details and costs of any of the products, best to give us a call on 01202 473311, send us an email, or check the relevant links


fleece_blankets_TMDFleece Blankets

One of those products you didn’t know you needed until you get one; fleece blankets are a great final layer when cosying up on the sofa. For brands looking to align themselves with feelings of family and warmth – a fleece blanket exudes all these qualities. Small, simple branding works better on products like fleece blankets – increasing the likelihood that recipients will want to wrap themselves in your warming promotional embrace.



Softshell Jackets Sols TMD


Padded or Soft Shell Jackets

Great for sporting and outdoor events, or for New Year Outreach, branded winter jackets are well suited to outdoor activities. It is important to ensure the jackets are made from high quality materials and built to repel even the coldest conditions – aligning your brand with these strong and effective qualities.



hats_scarves_gloves_TMDWolly Hats, Gloves and Scarves

You can never have too many scarves or pairs of gloves, so subtly branded winter accessories could become hugely popular winter promotional gifts. Like the jackets above, it is important to select well-crafted accessories to ensure your brand is aligned with positive qualities. Additionally, high-quality accessories are more likely to last for more than one winter.





Lip Balm

The cold weather of winter is one of main causes of cracked lips – leading to an increased need for lip balms and other treatments. This makes a branded lip balm incredibly seasonal and potentially very valuable during the colder months.






Perhaps the least seasonal entry on this list thanks to the UK’s propensity to produce heavy rain storms at almost any time of year. However, it is more important to have a high-quality umbrella during the winter months due to the stinging cold rain and strong winds which will turn inferior models inside out.

Another benefit of promotional umbrellas is the extensive exterior panels, well-suited to large, clear and maximum impact branding.




travel_flask_mug_tmdHot Drinks / Coffee Flask or Mug

Flasks full of piping hot tea or coffee become constant companions for many commuters during the winter months who need a little warming pick-me-up in the morning. A branded coffee flask can therefore offer huge value when the temperatures are low.   There are also lightweight, durable and BPA free versions which can suit hot or cold drinks – making them a truly versatile gift and useful into the (long awaited) summer months.






Winter Driving Essentials

There are few things more frustrating than trying to get the car started on a winter’s morning. A branded winter driving essentials kit including scrapers can become a hugely helpful promotional gift. Whether or not your brand is car-focused, a driving essentials kit could help establish your brand as professional, helpful and reliable.





Hot Water Bottle

Like the fleece blankets mentioned above, a hot water bottle can help make the stormiest winter’s evening far more comfortable and enjoyable. Well-suited to fun and funky brands, a bright and colourful hot water bottle could become a popular fixture during the winter months.







Hip Flask

Although alcohol doesn’t actually warm the body, brandy has long been used by St. Bernard rescue dogs to heat up those stranded in the cold peaks of the Swiss Alps. Your customers are more likely to take a little snifter of their favourite tipple to an event on a cold evening than during the heat of summer.  These gifts suit perfectly for engraving







Reflective Jackets

With the shorter days of winter, reflective jackets are a must for commuters who walk or cycle to and from work. A reflective jacket with subtle but clear branding could make your customers a walking or cycling advert for your brand.  We can embroider these garments in-house or you can choose to have a printed design on instead.






But don’t forget…. Pens!

Oh, how we all love the Promotional Pen!  OK, so it has no seasonality as such, but it is one of the best giveaways you could come across.  And even the old adage “you get what you pay for” rings true in the humble pen too.  From standard ballpoint promotional pens as giveaways and at events, through to a more executive style pen, engraved and presented in a box which would make a wonderful and memorable gift.


Pens do still remain the number one promotional item of all time