Compressed T-Shirts & Towels


Compressed T-Shirt …A great way to promote your brand!

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Compressed Printed T-Shirts & Towels.

These compressed t-shirts are one of the most amazing undiscovered promotional products.

As you can see from the images we can squash a t-shirt, towel or even socks into dozens of different shapes.

This is a great promotional product that makes people say WOW!

Compressed T-shirts are shaped to look like an object of your choice such as a mobile phone, a guitar, a water bottle or any other shape.

The t-shirt is printed in the normal way and then shrink wrapped to your required shape.  Once submerged in water, the t-shirt returns to it’s normal shape.

Prices vary on the type of t-shirt you would like to use, the print detail and the quantity you require so please contact us for more information.

Please call us to discuss your idea and we will make it happen!