Ditching Single Use Plastic

reduce single use plastic waste


As a company we ship and receive 1000’s of deliveries a week, we felt it was time to look at the way we can reduce our plastic waste.

In the past our suppliers sent us products individually wrapped in plastic, the same as you are likely to receive at home when buying a single garment from most online retailers. This practice is historical and we all need educating and reminding that this is no longer ok. We’re happy to say that the majority of our suppliers have removed individual wrapping. We are hoping to go completely plastic free next year and are in talks with our supply chain, looking for alternatives that will work. For example, we send out a number of white shirts, that all have plastic collar stays and clips and need to arrive pristine, our challenge for the new year is to find eco friendly replacements and work with suppliers to make the change permanent.


A lot of plastic waste in an office comes from staff lunches. Most of us bring in lunch as we have facilities to store and heat it; in fact Shannon is famous for bringing in leftovers from the night before and re-heating in our microwave, sometimes they even smell good!  This reduces the need for us to go out and buy plastic wrapped food and snacks.

We’ve also ditched single use water bottles completely by having a water cooler.

We are committed to being completely plastic free by the end of 2020. We no longer sell single use plastic bottles and have added a huge number of sustainable products to our catalogue.


If you are interested in a more sustainable uniform get in touch with us today.



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