Smyths Toys Superstores

In early 2017 we were approached by Smyths Toys Superstores, one of the fastest growing toy retailers with over 100 stores in the UK and ROI, with the opportunity to supply uniform for all their store staff.  From the initial stages we were quickly short-listed down to one of four potential suppliers.


Smyths Toys required Short Sleeve Polo Shirts, Long Sleeve Rugby Shirts and Soft Shell Jackets as part of their new uniform.  All the garments needed to be a specific pantone reference blue to match their company branding, including red contrast area’s on the placket, collars, cuffs and zips.  The polo shirts and rugby shirts needed to be a poly-cotton fabric due to the hard-wearing environment in which the garments would be worn, but also to be comfortable and manoeuvrable along with the mositure wicking capabilities.  The jacket needed to be lightweight with a fitted style, yet also manoeuvrable and hard-wearing.


Branding to the garments included having the Smyths Toys logo embroidered on the left breast of each garment, plus a large logo with website embroidered on the back of the garments.


Due to the specific brief supplied, we decided the best course of action was to provide Smyths Toys with bespoke made garments, using one of our factories in China.  This ensured we could supply the specific blue based garment with the red detail in the exact places they required, plus the necessary fabric suited to the environment in which it would be worn.


We would then be able to bulk order the uniform which we could then store in our warehouse so Smyths Toys could easily order smaller quantities of garments as part of their contract and have them sent to specific stores within the UK and ROI.  A bespoke online ordering platform could be created enabling each store to easily order the garments as and when they required them.


As part of the brief, Smyths Toys we’re also looking for branded Paper Bags, Re-Usable Shopping Bags and Name Badges, of which we were more than happy to supply too!