British Aerobatics

Taylor Made Designs is soaring to new heights after agreeing a contract to supply Uniform to the British Aerobatics Globalstars formation display team.  Made up of five British champions with a significant amount of international competition experience between them, the team head to China for the inaugural World Formation Aerobatics Championship this summer.  Needing the team to look the part, British Aerobatics enlisted TMD to supply them with branded Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Caps and Jackets.

But not just for the team, British Aerobatics have a very large and loyal group of supporters for which TMD created branded T-Shirts and Caps which can be easily ordered

British Aerobatics have also taken advantage of the TMD online ordering portal, allowing the team, association members and supporters to order uniform and branded garments directly.

We wish them tons of success with their competitions for the year ahead!