What makes the new £1 coin so secure?

The new £1 coin has been reported as the most secure coin in the world and is literally “counterfiet proof”, but why?

12 Sides

The new pound coin is a dodecagon, so its 12 sides make it more difficult to forge and more recognisable by sight and touch


Basically made of 2 metals, the outer ring is nickel-brass (gold coloured) whereas the inner ring is a nickel-plated alloy (silver coloured)


The new pound features extremely small writing around each side, with the words “ONE POUND” and the year of production

Holographic Image

Similar to a hologram, this ‘latent image’ feature is etched into the coin and changes between a “1” and “£” when the coin is turned

Milled Edges

Alternating sides of the new pound have small grooves milled into them, adding to the intricacy and difficulty to create counterfeits

Secret Feature

There is another hidden feature built into the coin, but the precise details remain top secret.  It’s been speculated that it is a physical layer within the coin, allowing it to be quickly scanned and verified to identify if it is counterfeit


How does all this effect you?

It will have quite a significant impact on business who use £1 coins for trolleys, lockers, car parks etc.  Particularly once the old £1 will no longer be legal tender from 15th October 2017.  Trolley Tokens and Locker Coins are the main solution here, they are available in either the new shape or the old shape £1 coin, depending on your plans.  Rumour has it, there are locker mechanisms out there which can take the new and old shape £1 coins!  But give us a call if you’re interested, or check out product details here

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