Hotels & Hospitality

The Hotels and Hospitality sector is a vast and growing sector, and now there is uniform taylored (see what we did there?!) to each area within this sector.

Whether you’re looking for traditional or more modern service staff aprons and waistcoats, or perhaps your chefs are getting too hot under the collar, maybe maintenance staff down tools and can’t find them again or cleaning staff tidy their own uniform away (!) we can assist with all the hotels and hospitality sector uniforms you need.

Managing Multiple Sites or need uniform sent to different locations and perhaps at different times?  Not a problem!  Read more about our Uniform Management service here

Otherwise, click on the images below to view a selection of the products and garments, or you can view our flickable brochure sections for more ideas:






Not sure what you’re looking for yet?  We’re always happy to talk you through the options and select the most appropriate garments for your needes.  Give us a call on +44 (0) 1202 473311 or drop us an email at