Facilities Management

Tired of hunting around and getting different items of uniform from different companies?  We can be your One Stop Provider for ALL your uniform needs!

We have access to a huge range of specialist trade suppliers who provide bespoke and stock garments, formal and business wear, casual clothing, footwear, high vis gear, PPE and so much more, which can be supplied plain or branded with your company logo or design.

Whether you need hardwearing workwear and PPE for FM employees working on a site, overalls for maintenance staff, polo shirts and jackets for employees to promote your business or suits and formal wear for client facing meetings or perhaps reception staff – we can source all the garments and clothing items you’re looking for – and then add to your own personalised online ordering shop.

Managing Multiple Sites or need uniform sent to different locations and perhaps at different times?  Not a problem!  Read more about our Uniform Management service here

Not sure what you’re looking for yet?  Click on an image below to browse a selection of the garments available.  Alternatively our flickable brochure sections hold a vast range too.






Uniform for the FM sector can be complex, but it needn’t be, give us a call to find out how we can help make it a breeze, or to obtain a quote +44 (0) 1202 473311 or drop us an email hello@taylormadedesigns.co.uk