Chinese New Year 2018 – are you prepared?

Chinese New Year and the year of the dog is soon upon us, and unlike our British New Year, the date differs annually.  This year, it falls on Friday 16th February.

It is one of the grandest and most important festivals for Chinese people where whole families get together, much like our Christmas.  But of importance to note, is that celebrations can actually start a couple of weeks before the actual day and can continue for 1-2 weeks after, culminating in the Lantern Festival.

So whilst all these celebrations are underway, it does mean nearly all businesses and factories cease trading for the entire time, with each business operating it’s own closure dates.  To allow for this, we generally accept that Chinese New Year will last for a least one month – so pretty much the whole of February 2018.

Does it affect you?

  • Are you due to place, or have you recently placed an order for promotional products?
  • If you’ve placed an order recently, give us a call to check where your products are coming from, if it’s from the Far East then you could be affected.
  • If you’re due to place an order, finalise it with us by mid January 2018 and you will hopefully catch the last ships if it’s a Far East product.
  • Orders placed after this time, you could be waiting as long as May/June 2018 before you see your goods, allowing for any backlogs to clear through.

But don’t forget, we can store your goods in our warehouse for you!

Find out if you’re going to be affected by giving us a call on 01202 473311

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