Building, Construction & Contractors

To the builders, construction workers and contractors out there, those who work on building sites and are constantly on the move, we have the uniform and garments to get you through the day, come rain or shine!


With access to numerous suppliers and specialists of hardwearing Workwear and PPE tailored to your industry, we can easily supply you with all your uniform requirements across any of your sites.

High Vis Jackets and Waistcoats, Coveralls, Fire Protection, Hard Hats, Footwear, Safety Wear, Eye Protection, Gloves, Knee Pads, Trousers, Belts – you name it, we can get it!

Layering is the key here, so when the temperature changes there’s an appropriate garment ready.  We can supply all the popular brands including Dickies and Portwest, plus specialist hardwearing workwear brand Blaklader.


You can also choose to have your garments printed or embroidered with your company logo to give your uniform that professional touch.  Browse through a selection of our garments by clicking on an image below:






Alternatively, download our dedicated Workwear Brochure, or the Blaklader Brochure for the full collections.  Additionally, for more everyday / casual garments and items, take a look at our Flickable Brochure where you can choose the appropriate clothing section.  But don’t be deterred if you don’t see anything you like!  This is only a small selection.  Always best to give us a call on 01202 473311 to discuss your options  🙂

We can set up your own dedicated online ordering system, split out departments and sites so certain logins can only order certain garments – if that’s what you wish!

Uniform perfectly made for building, construction and contractors industry workers


Workwear Brochure                                                       Blaklader Brochure