2016 Trends

So, what’s likely to be the fashion and promotional item trends for 2016?  That’s the billion dollar question…  If anyone has the answer, please let us know!


But here’s our summary of what we think will be popular:



Yep, you read that correctly, sports wear for (nearly!) all occasions is bang on trend and big business.  Not only are we trying to be a more active nation, we love wearing our Athleisure Wear outside of the gym and for non-sporting occasions.  The big brands have been quick to jump on this trend and the designs and styles they offer have expanded two-fold.  This has also lead to more entry level and mid-range brands really expanding their offering too.



So bring on Hoodies, Zoodies, T-shirts, Capri Pants, Trainers etc. for that ultimate in style and comfort!


Linking in, Outer Wear is rumoured to be popular in 2016 – Softshell Jackets have always been popular, but stylish and classy padded jackets are making a trendy comeback too







heather_v_tshirts_TMDBright contrasting colours and neon brights – it’s about big, bold colours and patterns for that real standout effect



But alongside all this brightness, we’ve also seen the rise of the Acid Wash, Heather, Marle and Melange designs too


And don’t forget the fabulous finish from Dye Sublimation!  Take any polyester garment, go as crazy as you like with the design, and the end result is a really high quality photographic finish with extraordinarily brilliant colours – which can be printed over the entire item!  Read more about it here




sports_trousers_slimfit_TMD TMD Slim Fit Track Pants Grey

Might seem simple, but lower body attire is big news in the non-Jeans world!  And of interest is the mens slimfit / carrot cut fit trouser.  And the style, yes, you guessed it, is Athleisure Wear!

From the traditional tracksuit pants through to Chino Trousers – the choice is really starting to expand

Dropped Crotch is popular too – but possibly more so for “street” than for a Uniform








Ah – the ever incredibly popular Polo Shirt!  How can you change it?  Well, it’s also having a bit of a re-vamp bringing the style more into… now!  So hello 2 buttons, slightly shorter sleeves and a more fitted, longer body to give it a really modern finish.  What’s more, there’s also the option to have contrast colour detailing on the placket and under the collar too.


And colours?  As we’ve mentioned above, loads of different variations – and you now have a whopping choice of 50 colours!







character_power_banks_TMD slim_power_bank_TMD



In this every increasing non-paper world and our reliance on mobile phones,  Apps and file download sites are becoming big business, so where does this leave the promotional products world?  Well, still rocking highly in the top 10 – Power Banks.  Smart phones are renowned for their over-zealous power consumption and often leave the user balancing precariously in a low battery scenario – which is where power banks come in to save the day!  Excellent branding opportunity on these nifty little gadgets too.





Activity_Tracker_Black_TMD Activity_Tracker_Blue_TMDAnd in the sports world – Activity Tracker Watches or Fitness Trackers.  So many variations and forms, starting with the every-popular FitBit but many other companies have brought out more cost effective options too.

From simple trackers through to full lifestyle analysis gadgets which can detect air pressure, altitude, sunrise and sunset times plus loads more – there’s something for all budgets.






cardboard_vr_headsets_TMDGoogle Cardboard” – or Virtual Reality Headsets – now moving into the mass market thanks to this brilliant innovation from Google.  Just a simple piece of cardboard, cleverly folded into a headset into which you insert you smart phone and play a special app – giving you that totally immersive VR experience – wow!


And being Cardboard, there’s an excellent branding opportunity too…





No doubt there will be many more emerging trends as the year progresses, and just before the year is out we’ll review our predictions to see just how far off the mark we are  🙂


Happy 2016 everyone!

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