2016 Review and 2017 Outlook

Back on 11th January 2016, we posted a 2016 Trends to Watch article and we said we’d review our predictions at the end of the year.  Need a reminder of last years post?  Here the’s link

So we thought now was the ideal time to do a 2016 review and a 2017 outlook…



tombo_ath-leisure-wear_tmdSo this fashion really has gone down a storm!  That blend between fashion and sports wear has well and truly happened and we’ve noticed a number of our gym groups ordering more fashionable skinny cut bottoms and more fitted tops as part of their uniform.  Linking up with our “Trouser” section, we’ve noticed a change in material preference too, away from the traditional baggy standard polyester pants, steering towards the microfible peached finish for a more flexible and lightweight fit.




So this was mentioned, but we didn’t realise how popular the entire “Jacket” sector would become!  The Soft Shell Jacket continues to be a big hit, but a slight shift in material as there are now 2 types to choose from – one with a fleece lined inner (3 layer) and one without (2 layer).  So a fleece lined inner may be slightly more expensive option than one without, however, it means you do not need to order a separate fleece which actually means cost saving!  2786-padded-jacket_mens_tmdHowever, the benefit of a separate fleece is just that, layering is always the key in our ever changing climate and weather, and those colder morsals may still need that extra layer!

Staying within jackets – Padded Jackets – wow!  They’ve massively grown in popularity and there are now so many different styles, cuts, colours, shades and shapes to choose from.  This area is only set to grow and grow.

And what about a Multi-Active Jacket??  Does exactly what it says on the tin



So we were right with the rise of the Acid Wash, Marl and Heather look colours – there are tons of variations of colours to choose from in these shades and in Ath-Leisure-Wear this is bang-on trend.

The big bright, bold colours and neon brights didn’t seem to catch on so much tho, maybe one to stay in the 80’s?  🙂




This garment continues to be the one uniform item of choice!  The choice of colours just keeps on increasing, plus the style tweaks, look out for ones with a thicker collar as this prevents it from rolling up.  There are also ones with a longer body length to make them more presentable as Uniform to stop them riding up.






The world of ever-changing promo products!  Powerbanks are still up there in the top 5 item with many different capacities, sizes and styles – basically smaller and quicker.

Wearable Tech and Virtual Reality Headsets – both are really rocking in their own rights and in their own industries, however, they have as yet to make a significant dent in the Promo Products world.  Once the technology becomes more affordable to rival the likes of the power bank, then we think it will remain in the realms of more desirable gifts and gadgets.




kustom_kit_knitwear_cardigan_tmdOther potentially popular garments for 2017 we’ve noticed include… Knitwear.  This appears to be an incredibly popular uniform item of choice with more fashionable looking items being presented.



2786-gilet_bodywarmer_tmdGilet’s or Bodywarmers – A bang-on trend item here, fashionable, presentable and warm and following the trends with the more padded variety proving the most popular.  These make an excellent layer item too, providing warmth to your core.




Colours and Designs




“Tri-blend” is fast becoming popular, similar to the heather and melange style, providing lots more options and choice in the range of colours in lots of your favourite garments.






It doesn’t feel like there’s a drastic change adrift in the uniform sector for this year, we’re just watching the trends and styles progress and develop as they become more popular.  In a years time we’ll see where we are and what differences may have occured  🙂

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